Finding your personal practice mojo

Along the journey of teaching and sharing yoga with you, I regularly mention the word ‘home’. Either ‘try these poses at home’, or ‘have a go at your home practice’, and I am very aware that many people in classes up and down the land make a mental note and then never find the time to step onto a mat elsewhere!

I understand; we can all be very busy. Even seasoned teachers find it hard to maintain a regular home practice. I listened to a podcast recently by US teacher Jason Crandell where he honestly listed his shortcomings with home practice in the past. So refreshing! He then very helpfully gave some fantastic tips for starting a home practice:

  • A regular time and space that works for you
  • Not setting unrealistic goals. There’s a reason you have favourite Asanas, so start with them, and don’t stay longer than you want to
  • Embrace distraction, whether kids/dogs/cats/neighbours
  • Don’t try and replicate a class environment/sequence in the early days
  • Being honest with yourself about why you’re meeting yourself on your mat.

It starts with a simple wish, to enjoy your yoga more. That’s it, no other intention is needed at this stage. In time, you will find your practice will develop and lengthen as you wish it, but at a level and pace that suits you.

Being honest and wholehearted will see you start your home yoga path in the right way, and see you right for years to come. And if you’re just too busy? Well, that’s a whole other blog post 🙏🏻 but we’ll start here: