Learning about life

I’ve discovered a little gem of a website: The School of Life. I can imagine that for some of us, when faced with a name like that and an address in London, we think “that’s not for me”. Bear with: there’s a fair chunk of high-falutin’ stuff and London-centric events on there, but look around and you’ll find some very nice things indeed, especially around emotional intelligence or making sense of modern life.

The best bit to head for first is the TV section – a sweet selection of  very accessible animated films introducing such psychological mysteries as ‘Is It Better to be Polite or Frank?’ or (here’s a yogic one) ‘Why Is It So Hard to Live in the Present?’. There’s even one called ‘Taylor’s Swift’s Legs and Climate Change’. I haven’t watched that one yet, as I feel I have to pluck up the courage.

Now, they don’t claim to unravel all of life’s mysteries via their YouTube channel, but at least these bite-sized animations are made with humour and insight, and might just make you smile and think at the same time. And that’s a nice way to spend quarter of an hour or so. And maybe if you are planning a trip to the Big Smoke, you could add on one of their workshops to your day; they don’t seem too pricey.

My son loves the ‘Why Comedy Matters’ one btw. Namaste.

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